Shruthi Keyboard

Firsts pictures of my Shruthi Keyboard.

Shruthi-1 SMR-4 MKII filter board.
Frank Daniels Programmer.
KB 37 mini keys.
Modulation Joystick.
4 switchs and mini lcd are used to program change and keyboard transpose.

This looks killer! Great job!

great! how did you connect the keyboard to the shruthi? Just midi?
and btw, which keyboard are you using here?


I use midi to connect the keyboard to the Shruthi.
keyboard and joystick are recyclded from a broken Korg microKontrol.

Nice work. How are you intending to do the top half of the case? more wood work?

This is an incredible work. Well done.


Sweet !!!

Impressive work phm78!


This sounds very similar to what I am planning! The photo links seem to be broken…does phm78 or anyone else have the ability to repost them? Thanks so much!

I think it’s this one:

Shruthi keyboard

I’m going to do the same thing but will probably just grab some sort of MIDI controller. Finding 37 key controllers with full-size keys and not alot of extra crap is a challenge. There are 49 keys and 25 keys but 37, not much

This docking station approach is a really nice idea, but it looks too möögish for my taste.

For many musicians there isn’t such a thing as TOO moogish


it looks totally pro. awesome work!

@piscione I think they are two different versions. The OP said he used a Korg Micro keyboard but the Synth Projects version uses a Fatar and Doepfer interface. Awesome, but I am trying to see how phm78’s version using mini keys and repurposed parts looks :slight_smile:

My plan currently is to use an Alesis Q25 which is cheap and still comes with standard DIN midi ports and build an enclosure with the keyboard, Shruthi, and Frank’s programmer. Probably wood end cheeks and some color acrylic top panel…

I’m thinking I might use an Alesis Micron. 3 octaves would be perfect and definately no mini keys, but there is a Roland PC-70 available locally at a really good price that I’m considering. It’s four octaves but the price is right. I’ll probably make a new front plate and chassis, and of course some wood end pieces. I’m going to use metal, probably thin sheet steel from an Ikea bulletin board for the front panel.

This looks just what i plan to do! From the look of it, you used just basic shruti ( not XL ) and added pots to control everything?

@tapehead: It’s called Shruthi programmer, nowadays also know as XT classic, designed by fcd72. Shruthi firmware from v0.97 and onwards supports it out of the box so no need for coding :slight_smile:

More info here

From that thread you can find print ready image of Franks pcb v1.45 which is singled sided and by that easy to etch at home. Pictures, part list and guide: That thread is long but worth reading it if you plan to build one. Or if you’re into electronics, take a look at and build an XT control board yourself. It’s kinda programmer++ aka doper than dope on dope.

And this build is also nice one!

Wow, the FCD72 programmer looks really good. I may have to look into that somewhere down the line. That’s a somewhat eccentric PCB design, but mercifully single-sided!

fyi… The fcd72 programmer works best with firmwares <1.0x