Shruthi just showing blocks on screen

My working shruthi has just died.
I was modifying it to power a 9v to 5v board so I could power a korg nts1 by usb.
This worked well so I then turned to hard wiring the shruthi audio out to nts1 audio in.
This was working too.
I then soldered the audio output of the nts1 to go to the shruthi out mono socket.
This is when after turning off and on again the shruthi had developed an issue.

I now get 1 line of blocks on the screen and most of the lights are permanently on.
On restarting some lights stay on others don’t but mostly it will be all lights apart from two.

It stopped working after I had tried to wire the nts1 audio output to the audio output of the shruthi and one wire must have touched something it shouldnt.

Can anyone help… looks like a component has failed :confused:

It seems that the Processor on the Digital board stopped working. It’s hard to say way, could there be any shorts you made while the Shruthi was powered on?

The power supply is still working and at least the LCD seems to be fine as well, as the LEDs shift-register is not getting a proper signal as well

The mono audio from the nts-1 did show a small spark when connected to the audio out of the shruthi…
All seemed fine until I turned the shruthi off and then back on.
Not sure what to do now.
Is there anything I can test?

First of all: Have you tried disconnecting the NTS from the Shruthi circuit again? Does it still not work? Maybe there is a strange short somewhere.

Alternatively if you have some kind of 5V power source, try disconnecting the Digital board from your Shruthi and power it with 5V via one of the 5V+GND pins.This would allow you to test the digital board without the filter board.

I am surprised though for what reason exactly the MCU stopped working, was it a strange short circuit? Or did it loose it’s firmware due to a tiny lightning bolt? :smiley:

I’ve just dismantled my other shruthi and swooped over the processor and it’s now working so that’s the culprit.

Going to order one and flash it.
Thanks for your help