Shruthi Input Expansion power

I wanted to add some additional LEDs to the case of my Shruthi, a small light show. Can the +5v and GND of the Input Expansion section of the Digital Control Board be used to power some 2ma LEDs? I already tried doing it, and had some mishap, I bricked it, somehow. It’s stuck in the 1,3,5,7 LED on, first row of display all boxes, second blank state. This seems like what one might find when booting in the MIDI OS update mode. So before I go further, just wondering if this could be a source for low current LEDs, or if that’s just a bad idea? I read up and am using current limiting resistors on all the LEDs.

There’s no reason why you couldn’t power LEDs from this.

You probably shorted and destroyed an IC (74hc165 or MCU) during your experimentations!