Shruthi going crazy when using MIDI OUT

My newly assembled shruthi goes berserk when connecting it to both midi ports. Until today, i only used its MIDI IN port, to play with it, today i wanted to back up a few patches etc, but as soon as i connect it full to my interface it goes crazy. I used both Midi OX and Renoise to monitor what shruthi is sending, and i get continuous chaos of notes, CCs, etc, and, shruthi kinda plays itself ? Notes ring for very long, release is also long… Ill try to use its MIDI OUT tomorrow with some other synth, maybe it generates random IDM on itself :wink:

MIDI loop?

I dont know, i use el cheapo usb-midi interface…

Which software do you use?

If the software echoes on the MIDI out what it receives on the MIDI in, it’s obvious you’ll get into trouble, since any message will be circulated over and over.

I used Midi OX and renoise, too. I used that with old roland d110 and akai s3000 with no problems at all. Making sysex dumps, etc. Midi ox even reads all tweaking from akai also.

That’s because these synths do not mirror on the MIDI out what they receive on the MIDI in (they have a separate MIDI thru connector for that).

The Shruthi does… unless you tell it not to do so by selecting an appropriate MIDI out mode.

Thanks :3