Shruthi for the poor

Since i live in the 3rd world country , i am somewhat planing to either order pcb’s and chips or go completely diy ( with acid board etching and sourcing parts ). After very long considerations, and my wish for a real synth ( not an rompler or pcm junk you can get here ), i decided to build one.

What would be general advices for a build that will see road use, as i plan to play it more that to sit in on the desktop. Is it possible to make another board which would control other parameters of the synth, or should i get some midi with many knobs ?

Thanks in advance!

If you want to buy the PCB’s and programmed chips, then be quick. They won’t be around in the shop much longer.
And given that the cost of these parts is quite reasonable, then surely thats a better way to start?
The rest of the parts are usually quite easy and cheap to source :slight_smile:

Good luck!

I know, but for now i dont have access to paypal nor anyone who does :frowning:

You don’t need a paypal account, you can pay by credit card too.

I have also B-stock metal cases. I could sell yo one pretty cheap or we can trade something.

@tapehead: since I’m a curious person, where are you living, exactly?

You don’t even need the PCBs…

See this

Sorry to thread creep, but Adrian, how many of those B-stock Shruthi cases do you have? I was going to pick one up from the shop, but they’re all gone now.

@rumpelfilter Serbia. Struggling between regular job / no job / manual labor here and there, to survive and somehow to continue making music and have a hobby. Oh, and recently married and have a dog ( and a lemming ) :3

@pichenettes that breadboard build! Looks amazing, but wont all those solder points make errors in the signal ?

> but wont all those solder points make errors in the signal ?

Apparently no :slight_smile:

Have you seen the wiring in equipment from the 50s and 60s?

I ll donate a LCD screen and 4 pots…
I got a bunch of wrong color (black on green) LCD screens when I bought parts for the workshop I did in spring. And have a big bunch of non collar 10k pots I don’t tend to use. Pm your adress. I’d love if you would build a breadboard one.

I dont know what to say, i did not expect this. :smiley:

On a side note, if i go on the breadboard route, what tips would you have to strenghten the board so that plugging in / out midi and audio wont damage it ?

keep the cable plugged in!

Or use panel-mounted jacks. These could actually be easier to find, at least the audio jacks.

You could use these and mount them on the case.

Reichelt is also the cheapes distributor for most parts. On ebay you can get stuff even cheaper.

This panel-mount MIDI sockets are usually mounted on the outside of the panel, but I tend to think they look neater on the inside.


@tapehead: if you parts just post about them here, I’m sure we all have some stuff we could send you, I’m certainly having some.

i’ve got spare knobs and pots, and even those funky little switches. hit me up with a pm, and i’ll stuff them in an envelope :wink:

might even have an unprogrammed atmega for ya.

I also threw in a dip socket for the atmega and the arduino headers…