Shruthi Firmware v1.0 Release Date?

My apologies if this was announced somewhere else. But has the release date for the Shruthi 1.0 firmware been announced? I uploaded a set of 25 patches to the patch sharing thread the other day. But a few of these patches could benefit from the upcoming LFO one-shot mode in the 1.0 firmware to add a snappier “pitch warp” effect. I had to rely on Envelope 1 for this effect which is also being used to control the “pluckiness” of the filter in these patches. I’ll update the patches whenever the new firmware is released.

Released along with the XT - end of december if all goes well, otherwise mid january.

Cool. Looking forward to it!

By the way, since the last commit :

shruthi/ In static member function ‘static void shruthi::Storage::SysExAcceptBuffer()’:
shruthi/ error: ‘class shruthi::Editor’ has no member named 'current_sequence_number’
make: ***** [build/shruthi1/storage.o] Erreur 1

What am i (again) doing wrong ?

git pull origin xt and it’s fixed. Thijs and I are tweaking this to make it work with the editor…

Indeed fixed, thanks :slight_smile:

Hi to all, does anyone know are there addional sounds/soundbank included with the new firmware?

As far as i can see no.

@holiman, between the stock patches, Funkfli’s bank, Andre’s bank for the ladder filter (that works on everything for me) and Gadgetfiend’s nearly full bank, plus a few extras from others, each of my Shruthis has around 450 patches in it. There are certainly lots out there.

I just looked on github and didn’t see the Shruthi firmware 1.0. Has it been released? No pressure, just curious, btw. :slight_smile:

it’s on github, xt branch, but there are some files I forgot to push.

thank you. where can i find those banks? Can post a link?
Am i right, because i never sysexed any soundbanks on my shruti,
i can leave the presets and sysex more additional banks without overwriting?

@piscione really where can we find those bank that you have mentioned ?

I think you should maybe look in the patch sharing thread … :wink:

@shiftr speaks the truth, they are in the patch sharing thread. You can send the banks via your DAW or use one of the Shruthi-friendly patch librarians.

Great. Thanks for the good idea. :-))

When will the ready built Firmware 1.0 be released for the Shruti?


Is the 1.0 version included in @0x80’s shreditor installation files latest version ?


Is it better to wait that @pichenettes publishes newest sysex and midi files for firmware update ?