Shruthi Firmware 0.98 release

I noticed that my newest Shruthi (Midnight Edition SVF) has firmware 0.98.

I can´t seem to find any release notes and the releases section only lists up to 0.97

Is there any info about it somewhere?

It’s “only” the extra SysEx commands for Shreditor, nothing more.

Ok thanks Pichenettes!

On to firmware 1.0 then once it is released!

There is at least one very useful feature that wasn’t there in 0.97…
It wasn’t possible in 0.97 to scroll from the first patch to the last by clicking the encoder ccw just once, now it works!

That’s a really nice and very useful feature - and I’d like to update my 4PM to 0.98, but I can’t find 0.98 anywhere. Please make it available!

I’d like the same as I just had to revert to 0.97 due to errors which I assume are in github master and I really liked that feature.

@szilm: there aren’t any known errors in the Shruthi source code on Github - see the other thread you opened re this.

I read the other thread mentioned above… and I feel sad and old - I didn’t understand any of it! I’d just like to have a working 0.98 .syx file I can use to update my Shruthi, that’s all… I’ve never done any coding, that is a completely alien world to me, so instructions on going to “Github”, “compiling” the firmware, and so on, are all wasted on me :-/

I enjoy building, repairing and playing synths, old and new, but I’m no software engineer…
… well, I’m typing this on an old iPhone, the last working computer I had was from 2003 or so, it run on XP and finally died a year ago or so… see? :smiley:

I’ve uploaded the v0.98 file here

Great! Thanks a lot!

@pichenettes is this the same .98 version, u are burning in the chips before?

Almost. There is a bug fix regarding the chaining of program changes.

>>the extra SysEx commands for Shreditor

Are those Shruthi sysex commands documented somewhere?