Shruthi filterbank?

Hey all
today i showed my friend the two new Shruthis i have, It was like two men who discuss a beautiful woman passing by on the street. Then we started talking how can we use them in the studio. Till my friend asks if there is a possibility to buy some of the Filters available for shruthi and attach them to another to make a kind of filter bank. myself i have no idea, so i told him, there is this nice forum in mutable instruments and i will ask about it.

So lets say one buys Filters f.e two of Polivoks, or one Polivoks and one 4-Pole Mission, could they be combined in one shruthi? is there a way also to let them only work as filters (without the OSC) for an external audio coming in?

While hearing to samples to Polivoks and the Night edition we both agreed that the result is really close to the sound of the Sherman filter bank.
and we though maybe it’ll be possible to achieve something like this with thruthi

anyway i hope someone understood what i just wrote or someone could help

thank you

Some ideas and discussion here. The obvious limitation is that you can only use one digitally-controlled filter (dual SVF, 4-pole mission, polivoks, yellow magic, digital filter and the TubeOhm Shruthacon) with one or more non-digitally-controlled filters (SMR4mk2, TubeOhm ladder filter) - because although the analog signals and control voltages present on the main 8-pin connector can be shared across multiple filter boards (within reason), the digital control signals can’t - or at least, you can’t mix digital-controlled filter types in such a stack - it may be possible to stack, say, two 4-pole mission filters - but the filter modes etc would always be the same on both.

Get a small Eurorack case - Doepfer LC3 or Tiptop happy ending, or Frank’s and a meanwell.

For your Polivoks needs, grab the Erica clone.

For your Mutable Instruments creaminess needs, grab this - by (temporary?) lack of a more complete product.

Add all the modulation/mixing glue you need :slight_smile:

As many filters as you want, free to repatch in series, parallel…

BTW, I have recently dismantled my two three-story (dual filter board) Shruthi, converting them back to normal single filter Shruthis, and I’m building new controllers for the two spare filter boards. Two filter boards per Shruthi isn’t really worth the hassle, I decided, even though it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Hear, hear!

“is there a way also to let them only work as filters (without the OSC) for an external audio coming in?”

That should be possible for most: TubeOhm has shown how to do this for his Ladder filter board: have a look at the last page (32) of his solder instruction manual

For some of the filter boards you’ll need to add switches as well (besides pots), to select the various filter types that these boards offer. I think the digital filter (now discontinued) will be the only one where this is not possible.

I’m currently doing this for the old dual SVF board (version 0.2): this has filter selection ICs in the bottom row, which I’m replacing with actual switches: what’s nicely called a modeswitchamatron by Olivier

Another option to consider is to use the digital control board without screen, pots, and switches, but with the MIDI stuff installed. You’ll need to add fixed resistors where the pots are meant to be, though. You can then use a programmable MIDI controller (or your laptop) to do all you want with the filter.

Great ok Thank you all for the comments.

As we decided now to keep every single shruthi with its own filter, which i also think should be the best idea, but something else popped up.

I decided to change the SMR4mk2 of my Shruthi XT with the Tubeohm Ladder filter. So i contacted Andre’ from Tubeohm (which is a really nice, helpful guy by the way) and he warned me from using the ladder on XT, because of an unwanted noise, which is caused by the OLED display.

so since i also have the shruthi night edition, i though maybe i would be able to place its filter in the XT and instead of it, in the night edition, the Ladder filter
Does anyone of you have an experience with it ? would the filter from the night edition work smoothly on the XT or some kind of problems could be caused?

> would the filter from the night edition work smoothly on the XT?

It’ll work.

Yeah ! great news