Shruthi filter with audio in

Hi folks,
I just had a small enlightenment, so I was just playing around with a bit of chained midi gear: my jx305 for the nice arpeggiator, a xv3080 and my shruthi. When flipping through the shruthi sounds, I stumbled over the filter only presets, thought “well, I did not yet try, but since they get the same midi notes like the xv3080, they should produce usable envelopes”. Took one output of the 3080, plugged it into the shruthi in, flipped a bit through the sounds on that 3080 and found it very inspiring to dial in filter settings directly on the shruthi, on to of the 3080 sounds. Arpeggiator triggering notes on the shruthi, controlling the filter, wow. Not just for “yes it works” but for producing very nice usable and inspiring instrument.

Thank you, Oliver!