Shruthi Filter boards as modules?

I’m pretty green in this area, does anyone know if this would be possible? All those cool filter boards… seems a shame they have to be hardwired into one synth for good…
A Polivoks module would be PRETTY NICE

The short answer is no.

What do you mean by modules? Modules as a eurorack modular synth?

The Shruthi filter boards use +/-5V, thus adapting them for use with Eurorack modules is not just a matter of adding some jacks. However the MI Ripples eurorack filter is based on the Shruthi Mission 4-pole filter (with elements of the SMR4mk2 filter as well, IIRC). You can just buy that, or even build one yourself if you like. André Laska at TubeOhm is currently working on a eurorack version of his fabulous new Steiner-Parker filter for the Shruthi. The Erica Polivoks filter kit gets good reviews.

This one has come up before-basically the CVs are not 1V/Oct standard, and the audio inputs/outputs are line level, not modular level. And if you want them to fit into a skiff (ie mounting paralllel to the panel then they’re going to be pretty wide modules. Second BennelongBicyclist’s suggestion re alternatives. There’s heaps of Polivoks filters out there, and it’s an easy one to DIY due to its simplicity-I built a Polivoks Euro module based on the Marc Bareille adaptation on stripboard, and a guy who worked on the assembly line for the original Polivoks gave it the thumbs up :slight_smile:

You could always make a Sidekick? It will still be bigger than a Euro module.