Shruthi external sync: velocity interpreted as note?

I am trying to sync my Shruthi (V. 1.02) sequencer/arpeggiator to a MIDI clock coming from my Ableton live 10 through a (cheap) USB/MIDI interface.

If Ableton sends a MIDI Note On message to Shruthi, the Shruthi sequence is starting, and it is in sync with the Ableton clock as expected. But - the base note of the sequence is determined by the velocity(!) of the note coming from Ableton, not the note number! So if velocity happens to be 60, I get a sequence based on C3 etc.

This only happens when syncing shruthi to an external MIDI clock. If I switch Shruthi back to its internal clock (by setting some BPM), everything is fine. Unfortunately Ableton is the only MIDI clock source I have, so I cannot change to another source for a cross check. Same goes for the MIDI interface.

This might be a bug in Shruthi, or (IMO less likely) in my MIDI Interface, or Ableton.

Does/Did anybody else see this strange behaviour?


Now I could observe this using Ableton 10 and my MIDI Interface only, by looping the MIDI output back into Ableton itself, and displaying the incoming MIDI messages with a Mutools MUX VST Plugin:

The MIDI Note on and off is sent normally, but each MIDI clock between the two is transformed into a Note on/note off event of itself, with a note number coresponing to the Velocity of the initial Note On event. Pfff!

So its either Ableton or the MIDI interface, Shruthi is not the problem here!

I’ll look into my USB MIDI interface next (the Y type, with cables directly attached).