Shruthi Editor on iPad


how does the shruthi handle lots of midi messages at the same time? my mate did something similar for the original shruti and it couldn’t handle more than a few incoming messages at a time…

looks nice btw!

The same blue

yep yep, i’ve got now an ipad, any place to find this editor??? :smiley:


Midi Touch on

Merci, i’ve found it.

i only got an ipad fairly recently, so i’m still a bit of an ipad noob. i don’t own “midi touch” (yet), but got the better known and cheaper “touch osc” instead - which may have been a mistake, for its midi capabilities seem to be much more limited than i had expected (nor sysex, no nrpn, …).

anyway, i made an ipad shruthi-1 editor/controller layout for touch osc and thought why not share it here. it consists of two pages:
page one is an editor for all shruthi parameters which can be controlled by cc (there is no nrpn in touch osc, so no modulation matrix editing from touch osc, i’m afraid).
page two is a control surface with x/y controllers for some assorted cc parameters.

maybe some of you find this useful.

unfortunately there seems to be no way to define default values in touch osc layouts (or is there?) - so when loading this layout, all values will be preset to zero.

@pichenettes: is there any way to make a shruthi dump all its current patch settings as midi cc (not sysex)?

[edit:] i tried to upload the .touchosc layout file, but got an error message saying that only .syx files are allowed. should i rename the file? or could you perhaps also allow .touchosc files?

[moar edit:] i was also going to upload some pics, but got an error message saying that .png files uploaded here must be no bigger than 16kb?!?

There is no way to make the Shruthi dump its current patch settings as CC.

Regarding the attachments:

  • I’ve added touchosc as an allowed extension.
  • The best way to post images is to host them somewhere else. I’ve added the “attachments” feature to the forum only to post patches.

ok cool, thanks for allowing .touchosc files. so here goes.

i’m afraid i don’t have anywhere to host those pics. but those with an ipad and touch osc can just download my layout and see for themselves if they find it useful in any way.

[edit:] @pichenettes: i guess you have no plans of implementing such a “cc snapshot” function in future shruthi releases? you’re probably busy with other projects by now. after all, the shruthi-1 is pretty damn near perfect as it is with 0.94…

oh wow, i just found out about the ‘public’ folder in my dropbox! :slight_smile:

so here are those screenshots of my touchosc shruthi editor/controller, maybe some of you find them inspiring:

@mic.w That looks great! Looking forward to giving that a go.


glad you like its looks - hope you will find it useful when you try it.

it’s all core midi btw, so you’ll need a midi interface for your ipad. i don’t use osc - i don’t even know what exactly osc is. all i know is that it would put a computer between me any my shruthi, so it’s out of the question. (i’m deliberately ignoring the fact that the ipad is, of course, also a computer).

please give us a shout if you find a way to make touchosc send midi nrpn via core midi! this would make it possible to also edit the modulation matrix from your ipad. when fooling around with the touchosc editor to click together that shruthi editor, i didn’t find any way to do that - but maybe i was just overlooking something.

I have been building a panel in MIDI Touch. Everything CC is working fine, but what I really wanted was a way to get to the mod matrix. MIDI Touch can send NRPN, but I cannot get it to change values. I can see the shruthi receiving the messages on the LCD screen, but they do not respond. I know it has something to do with MIDI Touch because I built that controller in ctrlr and it works fine.

Has anyone had any luck with NRPN’s in MIDI Touch or any other iPad app? I’d bet Lemur can do it, I’m just not ready to dump $50 ATM.

What midi interface do you use? I know my alesis IO dock doesn’t current send the full range of midi commands.

Io dock. So maybe that’s the problem? Grr

@herrprof Must test this with my ioDock. Are you saying it doesn’t transmit sysex?


The MIDIBox guys had a go at doing an iPad tool but found that Lemur was just so much more superior:

Link to their Lemur thing

I will also try to test and report back. I have a few midi interfaces to test with…