Shruthi Dreams

I had a dream about Shruthis last night. Can’t remember it very clearly, but there was some problem with the first one I built (from batch 3 I think) which meant I couldn’t access all the patches. It was really stressing me out.

Probably related to ordering eeproms just before going to bed.

Dream or Nightmare???

A few days ago I had a dream about some kind of giant piranha plant wrapping its leaves around a stack of Shruthi-1 PCBs, and crushing them to pieces.

Please u two tell me wich dope u prefer to smoke:

1- RoHs Solder soldering flux
2- Electrolityc capacitor which is burning
3- TTL chip exploding
4- CMOS chip wich is melting down

Personally i 'd recommend laser-evaporated plexi…

this is not a good post-vacation dream. force an off the net day for yourself

EATYone said ‘3- TTL chip exploding’

Definitely that option. I’ve seen some weird stuff on the internet but those slow motion videos of IC’s being forced to explode? That’s the worst.