Shruthi does not work... I think?


I just assembled a Shruthi and got to step 11. When I powered the machine only led 8 went on, so I checked if I had swapped the 74hc165 and 74hc595. Yes, I had and put them in the right place. Then I tried again… on all the leds went on for a second and then led 1 remained lit for a while.

Started to search for bad joints and if there was something that could tell me what went wrong.

Then I discovered that I had put one of the DIP 8 sockets backwards, IC1, on the SMR-4 mkII filter so I removed it but unfortunately it became two parts instead of one whole. So I bought a new one and soldered it to the board and put the ic in the socket.

But now when I try to power everything, nothing happens. Not blink of flash and all the leds are dead. So question is, where do I go from here?

Thanks in advance for any tips on how to get this thing working!

Kind Regards Khyber

First thing to do is the voltage test (step 5) of the filter board again. If you have put the socket in backwards that was not reallya problem in itself. The important thing is that the IC has to be oriented correctly with respect to the board. The socket doesn’t do anything except connect the IC to the board and the orientation notch in the socket is just so you’ll know which way to put the IC. But if you damaged the socket when unsoldering it, you may have damaged the board as well.

Ok, I will go back and perform step 5 again. :slight_smile: