Shruthi Digital FX Filter not working, but control board/oscillator audible (SOLVED)

Hello! I have a Digital FX Shruthi that was working perfectly. I took it out of its case to rebuild the case, and now the filter board isn’t working. It powers up, and audio comes out, but none of the filter controls have any effect whatsoever (Cutoff, resonance, or any of the built-in effects). The best way to explain it is that it is 100% dry.

The volume is also much lower than the 4PM Shruthi that I just built. I’m not sure if that’s a product of the filter brokenness, but it was definitely lower than the 4PM before this. Let me know if you have any tips for troubleshooting this issue. Thanks!

Have you done this step in the manual?

To activate the digital filter board, select dsp in the system settings page. If you don’t do so, you will not get any sound from the board.

Is the 1x6 stacking connector installed between the two boards?

Maybe the digital filter board does not receive the digital control signals…

Yes, DSP mode is selected from the setup page, and the 1x6 connector is installed. I’d be amazed if the 1x6 connector was affected when rebuilding the case, but I’ll resolder those points later today and see if that helps! Thanks for your help.

Problem solved! The middle stacking header was cut the slightest bit too short. In the original assembly, it worked fine, since it was pushed closer to the filter. Thanks for the quick help :slight_smile: