Shruthi Digital Control Board - Need Help on Step 11 Problem

I have finished assembling the filter board, and am working on finishing the digital control board.
When I connect the two boards, and plug it in I get some strange behavior. Instead of getting the 3rd and 7th LED lit. I have the 6th and 7th lit. I searched the forum for similar problems, and haven’t found a solution. On one thread it was suggested to hold the encoder switch down when powering on to enter a different mode. When I do this the LEDs start flashing i random pattens. I tried holding down the s6 and booting. This resulted in LEDs 1,3,5,7 being lit.
I had some problems assembling the digital board. I put the 74hc165 and 74hc595 in the wrong sockets. When I removed them I broke a leg off of both ics! I ordered replacements from mouser using the numbers from the BOM. I also wanted to beef up the solder points on the ATMega644p and did not pull it out of the socket before soldering the points on the board. Hopefully this did not damage the ic.
Can anyone help? I’d really appreciate it

I’m trying to check everything over. All the parts look to be in the correct spots. I rechecked the power on the filter board and everything is good. Any other suggestions? I’m feeling a bit lost

Ok I’m good. Turns out I didn’t get all the pins of the RN1 soldered in completely.
On to the next one!

This forum is fantastic : just post and problems disappears :slight_smile: