Shruthi default envelope connection

So ENV1 is always connected to the Filter and ENV2 is by default connected to the VCA.

First, VCA and Filter are connected to a different envelope by default and on most patches I guess. This seems like a choice, but I cannot really see the reason for that. It seems like in most synths one envelope is used by default.
When I create/edit a patch, one of the first thing I do is tweaking the overall sound shape. It makes it hard with 2 enveloppes, especially in the situation when I want (example) to transform a patch that I found nice into a pad. Now I understand that with 2 ENVs you can go further in the sound design. It just seems for me like the second step of the sound creation. This is not a critic, I would like to understand how you guys do it/find it. (I understand that if I’m not happy with it I can always route ENV2 to the VCA!)

Secondly why the ENV1 is always connected to the Filter? Is it a technical limitation? I don’t think it limiting in any ways but I’m curious to know why :wink:

Pre-defined routings are helpful to people who are not very experienced with synths - and are used to synths with 2 separate envelopes hardwired to VCF and VCA.

So if you don’t want to dig in the modulation matrix, ENV1 = VCF envelope ; ENV2 = VCA envelope and that’s all you need to know :slight_smile:

Many, many, many classic synths have two envelopes separately assigned to VCF and VCA - including the canonical mono (Minimoog) and the canonical poly (Prophet 5)… The single envelope synths have often been “budget” things (say Roland SH and Juno…).

> Secondly why the ENV1 is always connected to the Filter?

So that you don’t have to patch anything in the modulation matrix to be get an envelope on the filter. Note that the amount of this connection is adjusted by the ENV1->VCF setting, which can be set to 0 of course!

Hummm you got me … I only know (used to be) budget synths actually :slight_smile: