Shruthi dead?

Hi there,

i have bought a shruthi polivoks from a German last year. It worked fine so far.

I am no electronician and am a real fool at soldering, i understand nothing about the hardware.

Tonight it’s like unusable : the sound is crap like all parameters have been twisted, as soon as you turn any pot, the screen gets flickering and random pages rapidly succeed to one another without touching anything, impossible for instance to run a basic patch.
Removing the power supply and putting it back, again and again exactly the same scenario.
Sequencer is not faulty, midi cable neither.

Please don’t let me down, this makes me sad…

You might have inadvertently changed the hardware configuration (classic, XT classic or XT).
From the user manual: „This might lead to unexpected behavior such as flickering values on the screen, or buttons not correctly reacting to presses. To configure the correct version of the hardware, power the Shruthi on with the encoder pressed. The screen displays which version of the hardware is currently active. Repeat the procedure until the correct version is displayed.“

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That’s it !!! Thank you very much, indeed now i vaguely remember about that one in the manual, totally forgotten. You’re god !

I’ve seen this issue a lot here on the forums. It happened to me as well. The encoder sticks up so high that it gets pressed as soon you flip the Shruthi on its back or lay something on top of it. Now that can happen very easily in a messy studio or while rearranging gear. If you happen to switch on your power distribution outlet at the same time, boom - you changed the mode and everything goes wild.

That’s exactly how it happened, i probably depressed the encoder while pushing the power supply behind. I have an Ambika too (and a lot of fun) with an on/off switch, that’s a great addition. I had read about that stuff but forgotten in the real situation, quite subject to panic as this monosynth is for me a keeper (the poly too). i was happy to read your reply this morning and even more to check that it was not a hardware default. Anyway, something i won’t forget now. Thanx a whole lot !