Shruthi Cv outs and ins?

I’ve been reading up on sending the shruthis cv outs and ins to and from external devices…I’m still quite new to the analog synthesizer world but I do know where the outs and ins are on the shruthis board, however, I’m confused as to what I need to do to send and receive signals. All help is greatly appreciated.

It depends on what you actually want to do. The “CV” on the Shruthi does not follow the Euroroack standard, and it would be a big mistake to connect any large voltages without proper voltage regulation and protection.

If you want to send signals to the Shruthi, it would be faster to send MIDI CCs. The MIDI implementation is top-notch and great for sequencing from a DAW that supports automation.

If you are set on sending signals to other synths from the “CV”, I would have no idea how to do that. I will say that the CPU is pretty much doing as many D to A conversions as it can, so it would be difficult to add anymore into the code and get a smooth response. Especially from a slow LFO.

Of course all signals work just as you would expect inside of the unit as all parts expect the same range of voltages and such.

Have you tried the search function? Just search for: “shruthi cv”. There are already a lot of helpful threads. There is also some information about CV in/out in the Shruthi FAQ

Here’s how to get CV IN. It works but it probably won’t behave how you’ll expect it to.

The CV name is misleading and it would have been called something else in hindsight.

Thank u guys!!

I know what the diagram is show

Showing other than tip and sleeve??

Tip is your input. Sleeve is your ground.

Ok thank u so much I wana try to figure it put but I don’t wana damage anything