Shruthi Crashes

Hi all,
so my Shruthi now plays midi fine. But now it will freeze randomly. No notes will come out, all the buttons and knobs are unresponsive. A restart fixes the issue.
It will happen about every 5 mins and seems to be induced by hitting various buttons. Unfortunately there is not a particular button that crashes it. It seems totally random.
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance

have you tried to reprogram the microcontroller?
seems a problem caused by the operating system loaded poorly…

There was a rare latch-up problem on some of the v0.5 kits, which can easily be fixed by swapping in a new optocoupler (6N138 instead of 6N137) or changing the 1k pull-up resistor on the MIDI out with a 10k. If you have a v0.7 kit, then this is an unrelated problem.

A source of random freezes can be a badly soldered quartz, or a loose connection/solder point on the RST pin.

Thanks for the ideas.
Think I fixed it…
I was using a mates power supply and stupidly didn’t check the amperage. It was 10v at 2.5A, yicks! The regulator wasn’t getting excessively hot though.
Changed supply, now got 700ma and so far so good.
Does this make sense as to what the problem might have been?

There shouldn’t be any problem with a 2.5A supply. The current rating is the maximum the supply can deliver.

So far my experiences with bad power supplies have been whining ; or motorboating (400 mA supply powering a Shruthi with a super-bright LCD), not crashes.

so I’m not really sure what the problem was. I’ve had the shruthi running for over half an hour and it hasn’t crashed.
Occasionally the odd note is missed while changing parameters. I have the version 0.7 board.