Shruthi controller from TubeOhm

I just came across this today:

Apparently to be released in Jan.

And he’s offering a build it service for Shruthis and Ambikas.

Hi, yes , the controller is neary ready. I will build two units. One Controller with Effects and a Step Sequencer , the other controller without effects, if you will use the DAW effects. Both are working also as standalone and VST . It is also possible to save Load patches and transfer it into Shruthi.
BTW. i need one … two beta tester. You must have is a WIN PC, ASIO soundcard and MIDI Cubase… Ableton… . Contact me
This for testing and Sound design. The Controller gives Shruthi the last ’ drive’. Let you suprise. I have made here some great sounding Leads and Sequences.



Sound example only shruthi with controller. Three tracks. Seems there is a problem with Ableton. Ableton can’t send negative NRPN’s.
It works in Cubase and in the standalone version. I have contact Ableton today.

impressive demo!

Here in yellow without effects , much easier to route, but also with Stepper/Gater/ARP. In the package comes both controllers ,
one as an insert with effects , the other only for MIDI.