Shruthi controller for Mac

Is there a shruthi controller like the tube ohm for Mac OS?

The CTRLR panel perhaps? I don’t think that anyone did a proper OSX editor… Maybe the Max for live based ones work in OSX as well? Don’t know, don’t really have a hackintosh anymore…

Max for Live is just a Max patch exported for use specifically in Ableton Live (as a midi device). However, it should be relatively easy to make it into a standalone application from Max which can be compiled for either mac / pc.

The Max for Live patch(es) can be found here:

Thank you so much

Have a look at my Shreditor. It’s more advanced than other Shruthi editors afaik. You can’t run it as a plugin unfortunately, but an Ableton Live instrument will become available in the future.


Very nice Shreditor ! @0x80
Works really well, looking forward to the Ableton Live Instrument ;^)