Shruthi - Constant static/hum (solved)

My shruthi recently started making a static hum noise when plugged in. The static sounds like a constant distort filter that I may have accidentally selected. I’ve isolated the source to something internal. I have not seen this problem in the forum. Does anyone happen to know what may be causing it?

after replugging it in, now have powerful feedback. almost like mic feedback. the unit worked great until last night. please help!

Which Shruthi is it ? There are quite a few different filter boards around …

If you forget to save the filter board selection setting, this sort of thing might happen.

its a shruthi-1 with a ms-20 filter board. I do know that it was after I was fidgeting with some settings. I have spent hours trying to undo what I did but still have had no luck. any suggestions? thanks!

and you solved my problem thank you

You’re welcome. Enjoy the synth !