Shruthi compatible VFD display?

Can anyone more familiar with the details of LCD/OLED specs confirm or deny compatibility of these VFD displays in place of the typical 16x2 fare? They seem to have 2 fewer pins…are the missing ones just from the backlight or something?

Thanks in advance! I am sort of obsessed with the idea of using an old style VFD and red LEDs in an upcoming build…and these samples are on sale for a couple more weeks.

I think these are really cool. Where did you guys find them?

Another possible option

“HD44780 compatible commands” - sounds ok…

That was my thought so far too…and maybe this one for Ambika?

Missing pins are from backlight, which a VFD doesn’t have, anything HD44780 compatible is fine for use on the Shruthi or anything else that uses a HD4780 :slight_smile:

A bit expensive but so cool! Might be perfect for my latest XT, wish I’d known about this earlier.

Keep in mind that VFDs are BIG, no chance to fit it under a xt panel

Custom made XT, and the LCD is connected via a cable so it would be an easy swap. Only problem is the shipping. I tried to purchase the VFD from the first site mentioned but they only ship by UPS and the cost was almost as much as the actual VFD. No thanks.

bounce it off someone in the US (PM me if you want to do it)

piscione: I'll be ordering one or two from US and adding quantity doesn't change the shipping charge so I could repack one (or more) in casealtitude wasn’t planning to order some.

And thanks for the tips, everyone! My daydream of the last couple hours looks like it’ll come true.

Thanks, sounds like a plan. I’m in Ontario, Canada, near Toronto, just in case someone near me wants to do a few and split the shipping. joshuagoran andaltitude, let me know when you’re planning on ordering.

You may want to watch out with the current draw… The spec sheet at Mouser mentions a nominal power draw of 170mA and a max of 220mA. Compared to an LCD (20mA for the backlight plus 2,5mA for the rest) or OLED (30mA) that is quite a bit more.

Ill join you with a 40x2……

Me too if possible. Blue filter too.

Will the 40x2 for this fit into a standard Ambika plexi case?

It looks like the limit is 3 of each type of displays for ordering from the sample site, but on the bright side (pun intended) they will be 50% off the stated price! Comes to $12.90 for 16x2 and $22.75 for 40x2, plus shipping.

I tentatively have:
Me: 16x2, 40x2
Piscione: 16x2
fcd72: 40x2
Jojjelito: 40x2

Which means that I have room for one more 16x2 on my order and I’ll plan on getting 3 of each regardless for now. If a few more folks want to get in on this and Altitude or someone else in the US wants to help out, awesome!

@t2k I had to dig for it, but there is a datasheet here. Also, FWIW, seeing your little write up from awhile back on restoring your EL LCD in your Alpha Juno is part of what got me thinking about this, so if you want one and no one else in the US happens to order I can figure out a way to get you one :slight_smile:

Can anyone verify based on the drawings in the above datasheet if this will fit in the standard through-PCB Ambika mounting? Even better if it would fit in one of Adrian’s metal cases with the bezel…

Also, is the power draw a concern in the case of Ambika or Shruthi, so long as we are using wall adapters with enough headroom?

Talking about the Alpha Juno, I think I still have a second replacement backlight in a drawer in case someone could use one.

A AlphoJuno has a backlight???