Shruthi codebase cleanup

Would a SH-101 style sequencer (like on the Anushri) be more helpful?

Would be nice!. Especially if you could program the rhythmic content and note content separately so you can have nice shifting sequences.

@pichenettes: Heck yes in my opinion! The JX-3P sequencer is the first one I ever used for a synth that I really liked.

And sequence saving could be combined with patch saving… no need for separate sequence load save menu.

I use the crap out of that sequencer. I thought it was awesome, especially before I had external sequencers.

Edit: I didn’t see the thought of an SH-101 sequencer, that would be sweet

My vote is for the tunings to go and keep the arp + seq - they are great for newbies to get a grip of synths which is useful for me working with schools + music

+1 for keep the sequencer.

I don’t see any reason to remove tunings - this won’t free up space in the patch data structure, this won’t free up flash, and this won’t make the code less kludgy.

> And sequence saving could be combined with patch saving… no need for separate sequence load save menu.

What if you have a sequence running and want to try different patches for it?

these are all features i actually don’t use. looking forward to the new big one

I wouldn’t miss not being able to try different patches on a sequence. I usually tweak it until I like it.

But how about changing the sequence save page for a global save page saving the entire state of the machine including keyboard and system settings? You could then still change the patch on a sequence by just changing the patch.
But this is probably not cleaning up anything and just generating more data.
Other function i never use is the seqmix. Though i like the patches using it i never come around using it myself.

I love the arp, I use it a lot. would love to see it saved in patch, but we had this discussion already :slight_smile:
never used the sequencer a never really used any of the things you mentioned above. I guess I wouldn’t use any type of sequencer on it. I never really used the Anushri’s one either. Guess I’m just comfortable with spitting out all notes from Ableton.
I never found a way to use the tunings, though I’d love to…
and I think there should be something to set the main clock permanently to external since I use internal sync really rarely

anyway… if you think that I’m going to get another Shruthi-1… well I think you’re right I will!

Note that removing the “performance page” (with the 4 assignable knobs) would allow the porta and arp settings to be saved with a patch. But it wouldn’t solve the following problem: how do you search for sounds while an arp is running if loading each preset resets the arp?

“this” looks amazing, but after reconsidering - I am not a big fan of all these controllers, but that’s a matter of personal taste. So I would stick to my original setup and therefore like to have my

  • page with custom knob assignments
    I like that it saves with each patch alot and always program it along.

  • Personally I can do without the Pause-Screen function, it annoyed me from the beginning on. I even don’t care that it only shows three letters - like ARP - ARP (-LATCH) - its’ the only function I know that has 2 times the same name, once you know the instrument, you just know what you are tweeking.

  • It wasn’t clear to me in the beginning that arp/tempo/… doesn’t get saved with that patch, but once I found out, I find it better than having it, keeps jamming alive …

@pichenettes an SH-101/Anushri sequencer would be cool, provided it can do slides and accents in some way- accent mapped to filter env amt, as on the Anushri, maybe.


Please do not abandon the sequencer. Its great, I love it and I use it all the time. I agree with shiftrs suggestion about the global save page, but I use the seqmix function a lot, please keep it!

Would a modular firmware be too much work to maintain? This would allow a programmer version that doesn’t include the performance page while still keeping it for the classic control board.

> Would a modular firmware be too much work to maintain?

It’s not just a question of codebase. It’s a matter of changing the way chips are sold, kits are prepared, etc…

One version for all please. If you want one of the deprecated features, use the older version.

@pichenettes Exactly the answer I was expecting. :slight_smile:

I expect the most significant aspect of this new digital control board is that it seems to be nearly 5.25-inches tall

I would happily lose the sequencer, and wouldn’t really mind losing the user wavetable function (that in itself would release 1k of memory).

If there are going to be a few added features I would like to see at least one extra LFO, and I was certainly taken with the other extra waveform options of the anaLECTRIK frmware mod