Shruthi codebase cleanup

I’m preparing a new version of the Shruthi-1 digital board and for that I really need to make room in the firmware and refactor some things.

Here are some functions that I suspect nobody uses that could go away:

  • The “secret mode” to boot on the preset page instead on the splash screen.
  • The ugly hack known as “triggers”.
  • A hack for cutoff/resonance curve compensation used in the following setup Polivoks filter board + SMR4 + Programmer.
  • The page with custom knob assignments.

If there are other things in the firmware that you seldom use, let me know!

Can’t think of anything to get rid of, but I’m interested to know what new features you’re making room for :slight_smile:



Shruthi XL ? Shruthi Max ? :wink:

I’m using the Polivoks+SMR4 setup… does that mean I will be affected by future firmware updates ?

Hmm, I am already waiting for this shruthicontrol-thang…
And as I see
it’ symmetric.

I don’t use all the raga tuning. I did experiment with the 1/4 note tunings but ended up using a vst because shruthi was a bit to rough in combination with the weird tuning.

aha! Kind of figured that’s where that board was going… Will the new board be backwards compatible with all the orginal analog boards?

As far as code clean up, I think a lot of the sequencer stuff could be streamlined. Its really cool but it doesn’t get used in anger alot

i kinda like the triggers .(but there is no reason not to keep the old firmware on a shruthi or two)

I use The “secret mode” to boot on the preset page instead on the splash screen. on all my Shruti :slight_smile:
I don’t use the strange tuning like "raga tuning"
But it is right : “but there is no reason not to keep the old firmware on a shruthi or two” ?

making Jedi gesture - this is not the firmware you are looking for…

I use the secret mode and the triggers. Id gladly give them up for the right features though! I dont use tuning or the arps or sequencers because they arent saved with patches, and arent that useful in a live setting. I dont use the obscure tunings.

I guess the tunings are the most unused features, then the sequencer.

Yes, but I use the arps from time to time

I wouldnt let the arp go… but i never used the sequencer.
And there are only 11 Shuthis out there that use the offset/cutoff Resonance compensation thingie, i guess these are satisfied with the firmware as is. As there are no revolutionary new features are planned it should be no problem removing it.

@pichenettes interesting. So it’s a Shruthi-1, but with more control hardware. Is it otherwise identical, sound/feature-wise to the current version, I wonder…


Yes, the goal is to have a firmware that would work both on this “controller” thing and both on the normal hardware. No new sound synthesis features, just a different feature set.

Definitely keep the arp, but I figure that is the plan anyway. I also don’t use seq or atypical tunings.

Agree, don’t use the seq. And I really like that board layout. Can see a lot of advantages to it.

I don’t use the tunings or seq either but I always boot into the preset page on my 5 Shruthis.