Shruthi clicks when buttons are pushed

Hey all, I’ll start by saying that I got my Shruthi put together and I absolutely love it! I noticed that when I’m holding a note down and clicking on the buttons there’s a bit of an audible “click” coming from the output. I saw this thread about bridging a capacitor on one of the IC’s, I haven’t tried it yet but it doesn’t seem like it’s a VCA thing as it happens when the VCA is already active. Anyone else had this happen or have any insight? Thanks in advance!

I suspect it’s a mechanical problem - pressing the button temporarily breaks a connection between the two boards.

Check if pressing the board somewhere else causes the same problem. It’s a good symptom that this has nothing to do with the VCA…

You’re right, after tinkering around a bit and pressing the boards together a little bit tighter it seems like that fixed it. Thank you Olivier!