Shruthi Case and Artwork

Hi all,

I want to make a Shruthi acrylic case, does anyone have the CAD file that I can send to a cutting company?

There is an SVG file on the MI website, but not one acrylic cutting company in the UK that I have contacted, knows what the SVG file is, or what they are supposed to do with it as it contains no dimensions!

I would also like the original artwork for the different filter boards, for example like the Shruthi wearing the ushanka-hat on the Polivoks…and the Ghost on the midnight edition board…

Is this too big an ask? :smiley:

On a different matter> is the Shruthi able to use LED lit Potentiometers without any modification? I hope they can as I had the idea of making some cylindrical acrylic knobs that would fit over the rotary potentiometers and be lit from inside…


You could ask a Acrylic cutting company that can handle these files :wink:

Ponoko uses SVG files. In the UK, they are called RazorLAB

Thanks BennelongBicyclist :slight_smile: fcd72, I phoned three ‘specialists’…none had a clue! lol

Funny, i have no problems with these files - but who am i? :wink:

fcd72…a man with a stash of acrylic and a lazer cutting machine? :wink:

apparently yes :wink: and I’m perfectly able to ship to the UK……

Well that is very handy to know fcd72 :slight_smile: I have the 4 pole mission, midnight edition, and digital delay PCB sets that need to be built, when thats done, I would need cases to pop the Shruthi’s in…

Does an acrylic laser cutter, also etch?

I would also mention that fcd72’s laser is a pretty good one. At least as good as the one they have here in the fablab, and they spent a huge lot of money on it. It does etch (or engrave, if we want to use the more common term) very well.
Actually a laser that cuts is also a laser that engraves.

This is all very helpful, thank you very much :smiley:

More actually i was forced to upgrade to an even nicer machine that works nicer than all the cases you have seen. SInce i have it i know what cheap machines cars are.

These cases are no Problem, i have done them several(hundred) times :wink: