Shruthi calls sysex messages invalid (repeatedly shows #)

I built a Shruthi about a year ago and everything’s worked just fine until recently when I tried loading patches in via sysex. Whenever I send sysex to the Shruthi it shows the # symbol in the top left or right corner repeatedly.

I’ve tried individual syx patches from this github repo:

as well as the factory presets syx file from here:

For individual patches I get a quick flash of the # symbol, and for the full factory presets sysex I get repeated # every time a message is sent.

I’ve tried using MidiOx and Elektron C6 with 250ms delay (and greater) between messages.

It receives MIDI just fine. I can write to the memory fine if I’m editing patches on the Shruthi. The sysex dump from the Shruthi to MidiOx seems to work fine.

What else might I have screwed up in the build process or while flashing the chip that causes the # to show up for all sysex?

I can’t think of anything that would cause that. Which MIDI interface are you using?

Using a generic USB to MIDI adapter from amazon. It has masking tape on it that says “works” because the first one like it that I bought failed to send MIDI whatsoever. Maybe this one handles MIDI no problem but struggles with sysex. Hadn’t thought about that, I guess. I don’t think I have any other devices which will pass sysex thru from usb so maybe I’ll have to get a better MIDI interface for troubleshooting.

These are often known to have problems with SysEx.

I got a real midi interface to test with and confirmed that the cheap adapter was the issue. Sysex works fine for me now.