Shruthi build with MikroElektronika LCD

Hi there,
I’ve just gotten my package of Mouser parts for my Shruthi (4PM) boards including this LCD from a company called MikroElectronika:
Two questions:
It appears to have a 10cm stackable header socket on the underside which is too tall and will have to be removed. Is desoldering this likely to wreck the LCD?
What value resistor should I use for current limiting to the LCD? From what I can see on the datasheet it seems to want 1.0-1.5mA.
Thanks very much for any advice!

Are you sure the LCD you got is the same as the one you ordered? Do have a picture? According to the data sheet it shouldn’t have a header soldered on. But maybe I missed something. Could you post a picture?

Regarding the resistor for the backlight:
The datasheet says (15. Backlight Information):

  • Supply Current: 16 mA
  • Supply Voltage: 3.5 V
    The Shruthi board delivers 5 V, so you want 1.5 V at the resistor.
    –> R = 1.5 V / 16 mA = 93,75 Ohm (100 Ohm)

Thanks for the explanation, cj55. Here are a couple pics of that pesky header:

If you don’t mind destroying it, it’s not that hard to remove…

Yeah, I figured as much. I will try to cut as much of the plastic off as possible and then desolder the pins. Thanks! I’m so looking forward to getting started with this build…