Shruthi as a drum voice

Has anyone used a number of Shruthis (Shrutha?) as individual drum voices, each triggering off a specific note number on the same MIDI channel? Can this be done from settings in the Shruthi’s system or does it require external routing? (MidiPal?)

Not done that but you can also do drums by doing a programming change per step, in a Nintendo/IDM style.
Kick/hat/snare/hat/kick/hat/snare etc

Possibly do what you want with a midipal?

I’ve had a look at the MIDIPal but the Dispatcher mode doesn’t do quite what I’m looking for.

@cnicht: You probably already figured this out, but you can set up each Shruthi on a different channel and sequence them from a DAW that can send sequences on separate channels. So you would take up 4/16 or 1/4th of your MIDI channels like this, but hey - it works.

@audiohoarder: Thanks for the suggestion but I wanted to trigger them from a drum sequencer which outputs on a single MIDI channel. I guess I’ll need to write a little app and burn an AVR to do this - it might also be useful for triggering from Anushri too :wink:

@cnicht … You can set this up with the midi split mode. You will need to daisy chain the shruthi’s for this. “(see the manual)”:
The midi split function did not survive version 1 and 1.01 of the firmware so you will need to use 0.97 or 0.98. If you don’a have the new XT this is no problem.

@shiftr: Thanks for this. I can see the possibilities with split and polychain. Will these two modes work together? I’m in the process of building Shruthis at the moment so haven’t been able to try this. It would be great if Shruthi had a keyrange parameter so that several could be driven in parallel making this very easy to implement with minimal processing delay.

No you don’t need polychain. Just use split. Set each shruthi split point to the note number of the corresponding drum voice. And chain them from low-note to high-note. The delay on the thru is already very minimal i don’t think you will notice it.
Do you know you can already program drum rhythms on one shruthi using the 8step or seqmix features in the mixer? It takes some clever programming but the results can be very nice. There are some simple examples in the shruthi presets.

@Shiftr: Many thanks - I see the methodology now. Thanks also for the internal sequencing suggestion I may try it but did want to sequence them externally.

I also wonder if the Trigger functions could be used (two notes per Shruthi are apparently available)? It’s a pity Split and Triggers disappeared in in 1.0+ versions but I guess you can’t have everything!

Quite a few features disappeared, but in the latest version of the firmware you can save arp settings and sequences per patch. That takes a lot of memory, so it helped cut some of the features that most users were not using. That also included the knob assignment feature that let you assign four important parameters tot he Shruthi knobs. That was great for using the Shruthi as a drone box.

If you want to use the Shruthi Duophonically, set the left most parameter on oscillator page three to “duo”. You can also sync the internal sequencer to an external sequencer.

I also think it is worth mentioning that you can assign the sequencer to any parameter via the mod matrix making the Shruthi’s internal sequencer much more flexible than the average 16 step sequencer. This is a great way to make evolving sounds. Oh, and the first settings on the LFOs also sync to an external/internal MIDI clock. The Shruthi pays very well with sequencing. :slight_smile:

I do like the idea of being able to save the sequencer settings with each patch and was thus intending to install the latest version of the firmware. I also like the idea of multiple Shruthis as drum voices so maybe using the sequencer to play rhythms as Shiftr suggested is the way forward.

Ideally though it would be v1.01 with Split function though!

I like the new firmware much better than the old firmware… It’s much more clear and logical. Some things just had to be offered.

It’s not like you need to upgrade either. All the old builds can still be used. Plus the code is available.

Thinking out loud here: is there enough room for a new operator “drum mode” that operates almost like a cross between seqmix and duo, allowing osc1, osc2, sub and noise to be triggered independently by 4 different hard-coded notes like C-Eb?

No room without removing something else from the code.

I’d settle for a Keyrange parameter where Shruthi could be triggered off just a single note if so selected.

The problem is there isn’t an idea set of parameters to suit everyone - maybe this would be possible as an app for MIDIpal although it’s better in a receiver than a transmitter?

> allowing osc1, osc2, sub and noise to be triggered independently by 4 different hard-coded notes like C-Eb?

I don’t see in which way this would be useful - given that they would all go through the same filter, and all share the same envelopes. Possible, but a terrible use of my time and of the remaining few bytes in the firmware…

Something Ambika can do perhaps?

Take a look at my Casiotone style drum patch for the Shruthi in the patch sharing thread. With some clever sequencing you can create all kinds of drum rhythms. I would suggest switching out the pitch bend in the mod matrix with one of the MIDI CCs for even more control from a DAW.

You can then apply the same idea to make other sequenced drum sounds from only one Shruthi!

Ambika can already do that… Assign a different voice to each part, and restrict each part to a single note.