Shruthi + Arturia MiniBrute

Just a quick tip on using and expanding the Shruthi.
I output the Shruthi into my Arturia Minibrute and Midi out of Minibrute into Shruthi. I can then layer up Shruthi & Minibrute to great effect utilising minibrute filters, vibrato & other features…
Anyone else using a similar set-up?

Sorta. I’ve been messing about with sending my dotcom modular into a shruthi with the SVF board and using the dotcom CV’s into the 4 CV INs on the Shruthi. Very fun indeed!

Yamaha Tg33 into dual-svf. A cool thing to try is to play different sequences for the shruthi and the synth which is going into the shruthi. Playing the filter if you know what I mean.

Not with a Shruthi but I’ve got my Minibrute midied to my Minitaur which then feeds into the audio input of the Minibrute. It gets… deep. Currently all of my Shruthis go direct into the mixer.

I have my Anushri keyed by my SH-101 which I sometimes run into the filter of the Anushri if that counts.