Shruthi and MFB Urzwerg

Hello all,I have just got the Shruthi mk2 and the MFB Urzwerg sequencer and need help connecting and getting sound out of it. I am new to all this and really need help if possible. Thank you.

Connect the MIDI OUT of the Urzwerg to the MIDI IN on the Shruthi1.

Ensure the MIDI channel the Urzwerg is transmitting on is the same as the Shruthi1 is receiving on.

Plug Shruthi1 sound output into a mixer.

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Thank you for replying so soon. Next dumb question is how do I know what
midi channel the Urzwerg is on? I think the Shruthi is on channel 1 so it
says in the manual.

MFB manual says this:

"Settings - Pressing and holding Program, allows using the step switches to control the following MIDI-
and general features:

Row 1: MIDI-Channel 1-8; Row 2: MIDI-Channel 9-16 (only one channel to be selected) "

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Thank you that has really helped I will let you know how I get on.

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