Shruthi and arturia keylab. midi issues, help?

hello all,
I’m new around here, i built my first shruthi last week and it worked fine as soon as i powered it up. really a brilliantly designed kit and it sounds amazing.
My issue is with programming my arturia keylab 25 (which i purchased to control the shruthi live)
Many if not most of the midi control numbers on the shruthi, which i would like to assign to sliders on the keylab, correspond to buttons for functions on the keylab.
I am sure this is a really noob question for midi-fluent folks, but i am coming from a guitar background and only own analog synths that don’t really use midi at all.
Any tips?

also, if there are any Terry Riley fans out there… the organ waveform tweaked a little with the duophonic setting enabled is instant classic Terry raga organ sound. pretty amazing.

Arturia has software called something like “Midi Control Center” that allows you to edit what the sliders and knobs do on their controllers. I don’t have more specific advice unfortunately but that might be a good place to start.

yeah, that’s what i used to make a template but for example, the controller numbers for the envelopes on the shruthi are already assigned to buttons that do things like edit and save patches on the keylab

Can’t you change that via this?

It seems like it should be possible to change the keymap using the editor, but - having never owned any of the keylab series, I havenøt got the foggiest idea how exactly to go about it… :confused:

If you like Arturia, you may consider getting a Beatstep for programming the Shruthi. I had no problem making a CC map on the Beatstep to control the Shruthi with the online software.

yeah, the beatstep looks cool but i need keys… i’m wondering if maybe i change both the shruthi and the keylab to work on channel 2 (or any other midi channel) if the keylab will stop associating the parameters with it’s own.

Set shruthi to omni(channel 0), and try all the 16 channels on the keylab? :slight_smile:

ok great! I’ll try that. thanks! like i said… i’m not real midi fluent but the possibilities with so many sliders and knobs with the shruthi are really enticing

with the Arturia MIDI Control Center software, any of the knobs and sliders of the KeyLab 25 can be mapped to the ones you need.
The KeyLab 25 can store up to 10 different MIDI mappings, so you should use the software to make one dedicated preset for your Shruthi and select this one whenever you use it with the Shruthi.
btw: it is important that you save the changes you make and store it.