Shruthi/Ambika Self sourcing real value?

Hello all,

I was wondering if there was any value in self sourcing ?
Let me explain:
I am really interested into building an Ambika but totally unexperienced into ordering and sourcing parts.
So at first I was thinking it might be good to try to self source a shruthi 1.
In the end, is there a real financial interest into doing so (and with the Ambika?)?
Now there are some Ambika kits available, but I do not have the funds necessary to order it at once.
So I am a bit lost, should I try to source a Shruthi with a different filter board (I already have the SMR4, I am quite interested in the Ladder Filter) to gain more confidence? And eventually ending doing so with an Ambika?

Does it make a real financial (and ethical maybe?) difference to source all the parts yourself?
I am asking myself because I believe it is also important to contribute to Mi’s activity by ordering kits…

Ambika had same discussioin.

There are Mouser BOM’s for Ambika and Shruthi what you can import. There you see the prices also.

I think that with a bit of organization and experience you will be able to beat the price of the kits - but if you’ve never done before, don’t want to dive into flashing the chips, and take into account the cost of 1 or 2 extra orders to correct any forgotten or mistakenly ordered parts, the kits are a better deal.

One other consideration is import tax and courier customs brokerage fees, depending on where you’re located - if you’re just bringing in the PCBs and sourcing parts locally, or in small orders that won’t attract customs charges, then you may save a bunch there as well. I got dinged for more than $60 in brokerage charges and taxes on my first Shruthi, but PCBs I’ve ordered since seem to come in without any charges. I’m in Canada.

Thanks for all your feedback,
Adrian Thanks for the links, it clears the price questionpichenettes Yes, I did not even take into account the flashing of the chips. I am right now stricly not capable of doing this. I totally agree, the kits are really a good deal anyway. But when it comes to building a shruthi with a different filter board, and if you do not want to buy a kit with an smr4 again, I guess self sourcing remains the only way (I mean not anymore since you planned to release special editions as kit)
@borfo I am based in France, but right to the German border, so I could manage to get delivered on either side (for postage fees), but again, this seems like a hell of an organization…

@Paulus … It’s not that much of an organisation. It’ll cost you one evening maybe 2 to sort it out.
I think you can order the SMR4 Ambika almost completely from Mouser with no shipping cost. There’ll maybe be a few parts were people on the forum could help out of you don’t which or where to get them. I think you might end up max €100 euro under the kit price this way… In the end there will always be some unexpected extra cost if source it yourself.
If you really plan on continuing self sourcing and building music electronics you could order common parts like resistors and (common value) caps in the 100’s. you’ll spend more now but the prices per part go down with 50% to 75% if you buy them in large quantity’s.

i sourced the parts (for a bigger project) for the first time when participating in the ambika pioneer run. it worked out fine for me. it was not really cheap but that was mainly because i broke the optrex display and had to get a new one.

but i want to stress another aspect on sourcing parts other than the price which is that you learn a lot and gain confidence. after the ambika expierience i feel comfortable doing projects where you only get a pcb and minimal documentation like from some thread on muff.