Shruthi Ambience

Just got a Shruthi a few days back - thought I’d share some impro (read: ramblings) of something a bit different. Testing the the Shruthi waters:

EDM to follow :slight_smile:

Wow! Amazing!

Can you give more details of the recording? Is it just Shruti? Is it stacked? Which effects?

Thanks. Yes this was just Shruthi + Logic 9 Space Designer, played in with a wind controller - 4 parts (stacked) and 1 of those was using a duophonic patch to get a trailing melodic part in strict cannon - good for outlining chords. I quite liked it too so I will have a think about something a bit more “serious”. I just pressed record to see what would happen with some of the patches I have been working on since I got the unit.

No doubt these types of sounds could be created with many synths but there is something about the Shruthi I just connected with. It achieves a great synergy between oscillators, filters and mod matrix and is good balance of complexity/depth and immediacy/simplicity. It seems to have a very large sweet spot (to my taste) and responds brilliantly to MIDI.


Awesome! If these are your “ramblings” you’re pretty talented!