Shruthi 4PM Sounds Muffled?

Hi gang! I recently purchased an already built 4PM Shruthi based on some very exciting sounds I had heard in various places. However unlike the demos here an on Youtube, my Shruthi sounds somewhat muffled, even with a plain waveform and the filter all the way open. My question is a) is this how I should expect the synth to sound, and b) is there any simple adjustments a non-builder can make to try to rectify this if it’s an issue with construction. Thanks for any advice you can provide!
"The second trimmer, labelled Range, adjusts the cutoff range of the filter. If V/Oct is correctly trimmed, the filter cutoff can span 10.66 octaves, that is to say the ratio between the maximum cutoff frequency and the minimum frequency is 1625. This allows the filter to cover the audio range (12 Hz to 19.5kHz). Note that the filter will behave a bit erratically at high resonance and very high cutoff values ; due to interactions between the resonance pure tone and high-frequency components due to aliasing or PWM modulation. The best way to adjust this setting is to use the patch 39, e-piano. Try to turn the trimmer to find a compromise between a very muffled sound ; and a sound that will sound too synthetic and bright."

Have you tried?

Nope! Assuming I’m competent enough to open this sucker up, is this an easy to locate trimmer on the board?

They are next to the jack sockets on the bottom board of the Shruti.
It’s the left one from the two trimmers.
Left is the Range and right The V/Oct. one.

Thanks for the advice! Guess I’ll give it a shot and see if I can do it without destroying the board!

I wouldn’t fret about destroying it.

You’ll need a small screwdriver to turn the trimpot. The two trimpots will likely be blue with a small screw sticking out. If you don’t have a screwdriver, you might be able to use a credit card or some other small, thin object to turn it.

^ Those pots goes around I dont know how many times so adjusting without a flat screwdriver will be pain in the aas. Oh and same small flat screwdriver will be just fine for bolts holding case together (if the bolts are about the same as in the kit)