Shruthi 4PM Replacement Panel

So I managed to smash some of the honeycombing on one of my white 4PM’s sidepanels :frowning:

I kind of want to fix it, but it would be great if I didn’t have to buy an entirely new case.

Just wondering if anyone was upgrading to one of the metal enclosures and wanted to part out their old case?

Or indeed if Olivier had a way to buy panels separately? Since I’m considering putting in a new order anyway. Though I don’t think he should have to end up with loads of incomplete cases, just because of people like me being clumsy…

Thanks either way.

Search for forum user fcd72, he will take care of you

also already smashed one of them, and had a new one cut with one of these laser cutting services. It is very convenient not very expensive (but i anyway wanted some panels in the same material, then it is just a few eur addition to the order). So no worry about incomlete cases, each part can be done individually.

@morecego: where did you get your laser cutting done? I’m sceptical whether I live somewhere that laser cutting is cheaply available.

Ponoko/Formulor seem to be the main ones… (And fcd72 is worth mentioning, our forum resident laser owner)

@moarish: for a single piece it is probably best to ask fcd72 if he has a spare one available.
Otherwise, laser cutting should be available everywhere, no need to be close, you send them a file, they send you the acrylic. Try (US), (EU), (UK) and probably some others.
They all use the same file format and have similar materials available (i think all of these are related to ponoko somehow because all instructions on these sites are identical). Best, of course, if you also want have some other parts to be made, then cutting an extra side panel should be no more than an extra 2-3 EUR. I find it a very convenient service.

ps. as usual i was slow :wink:

It’s worth asking fcd72 since he may have one already made and if you go to pokoko etc you have to use a largish piece of material, much of which will be wasted (although you could duplicate the piece you want for spares).

Somebody on this forum got a shipload of spare sidepanels from fcd72… There is a thread about it. But I don’t remember which.

Thanks everyone, will look into all suggestions.

Moarish I am the "2014's Shruthi Sidepanel Fairy": Let me check whether there is one in stock fromfcd72.

i have one left on stock. drop me an email via fcdaniels (ät) me (do) com.

Excellent. Emailed.

I love happy endings!