Shruthi 4PM - noisy LED next to IC8

I populated the LED point closest to the front of the board (next to IC8) with two white LEDs (beast eyes) with the same supply/ground, and I populated the other LED point with a blue LED. I used 220R for both.

I’ve noticed when the beast eyes LEDs are lit, there sounds like a very faint square wave. This doesn’t happen when the other LED position is lit. I’ve even disconnected the eye LEDs, and the noise continues when the eyes should be lit. I tested by droning a note, then turning the mod wheel all the way up, and setting the modulation amount on patch 12 to 0. This way it will clearly alternate between lighting the two LED points.

Any suggestions on how to mitigate the noise?

I also have this problem with a 4PM I bought 3 years ago before I started do DIY.

Any ideas to why this happens ? This 4PM has a yellow led and a blue led that blink depending on the speed of the LFO, even if it’s not modulating anything. When the yellow led lits I get a noise coming through the pre-amp :frowning:

I’ve got noisy 4pm once . it appeared when note was playing. Swapping IC7 helped fo me.

Before changing ICs try with higher resistance lets say 10k ohm or different psu.