Shruthi-1Filter board

Hi all, how do I find out what filter board I have installed? Looking to put in a new eprom with more sounds. Thanks.

If your case is transparent, you can try sending me photos.

Otherwise, try changing the filter board settings: if the filter board seems to react normally to the additional parameters shown on the filter board page (for example, a mod parameter is added and the filter output correctly changes to a band-pass filter when you change this parameter to bpf), you know it’s the one you have selected in the settings!

Thanks for that appreciate it. It’s set to pvk. So the Polivoks filter board. Hoping that despite being a v0 .96 I can still change the eprom over to one with the 464 patches.

Yes, large eeproms have been supported since earlier versions of the firmware.

How straight forward is it to do? Guessing it’s something I could manage.

Oh yes, you can probably pull the chip with your fingers, it only has 8 pins (and if it has been pushed too strongly, you can use the tip of a screwdriver or knife as a lever).

Ok, think I can manage that! Did it with my OB Cyclone switching from midi synth to OBX midi drums.