Shruthi 1

This is French-English translation!
for Shruthi 1:
electro accousticien I work with a controller sounds sax midi (Yamaha WX5)

1) I have the same opportunity with a synth?

some “naive” questions:
2) Is there a “live” recording option and then create loops, loops?
3) What are the possibilities to change the basic shruthi to 1-4 pole mission
4PM filter or do I order it completely? finding or selling prices?

thank you for your understanding and answers

1. You can use the WX5 with the Shruthi - if that’s what you’re asking.

2. The Shruthi has no live recording option. For this kind of stuff I’d recommend a guitar looper pedal!

3. The 4PM is not available as a full kit - you have to buy the PCB, case, if required programmed chips from me, but then source the rest of the parts elsewhere!

2) Wait a second! It’s pretty primitive, but what about the looper feature in the Digital FIlter/FX board?!?

2) Hmmm for looping 0.7s of sound?

Ever hear a .7 second sax sample at 275 BPM? It’s the voice of God.