Shruthi-1 Yellow Magic edition

Boards, kits and a few assembled units available on the store!



Wow, wish I’d have waited on some things, 130 for the kit+case is a steal! Any chance to just get the case for us with the early boards?

edit: are there a decent number of kits available, or fairly small number?

Rush Guys! This one is brilliant! And please pay attention to the round corners not the Display Hole - hopefully nobody will sue me for that one…

can’t wait

I ordered this and a Polivoks, sweet analogue madness!

Pretty as hell

I couldn’t resist buying it, it looks so cute!

100 kits ; 5 assembled units (all gone)

looks really great. all i need is the box though. gonna nag fcd72 about that :smiley:

well, i probably need that LCD too 11111

@fcd72 Prior art :wink:

Doh. Ordered d d d d d d d d d d d.


I was about to get a Monotron Delay and mod/tweak/ruin it. So I ordered this instead :slight_smile:
It’s rude not to, seeing as I already got the 4PM and Polivoks editions (and various other Shruthi’s + Sidekick!)

Might have to grab a Yellow OLED for it too…

oh, my 5th Shruthi;) It’s like a drug…

Just this morning I ordered two 2044s on ebay and was about to commit to two 2044 filter PCBs and the Polivoks pair when I realised I need to pad the order to make shipping worthwhile. Well, my implicit prayers have been answered and the Yellow Magic fit the bill perfectly. Except there only seemed to be one SM2044 PCB left, but there is a certain romance inherent in getting the last one!



Is the Reichelt shopping cart correct? The numbers don’t seem to match up with the BOM. METALL 10,0k shows 16 in the BOM but only 1 in the shopping cart, 100n caps show 28 in the BOM, only 2 in the cart.

“Always you should Resistors buy by 100s” MasterYoda™