Shruthi-1 -> WTPA2

Well, I have the WTPA2 in my house and it looks really cute next to my Red Alert…

Not entirely sure what I’m doing since I have no manual for it, but it’s apparently similar enough to the first WTPA that I could get some funky stuff happening by reading that manual.

Here’s what happened.

Shruthi ran into the WTPA2, sampled and granularized. Used the WTPA2 to mix the granular looped sound and live incoming Shruthi-1 signal. Improvised knob tweaks ensued. Big big fun. I can’t wait to actually figure out how to use this thing!

It’s out? does this mean Olivier can now release his sampler device?

I don’t see anything on their site. Is this one that “escaped” for testing?

Oh yes indeed this was one of the few units released at Bent Festival in 2011.

Cool track! Why were they mad at you anyway?

@Titus: we’re ALL bad boys at some point, right? :wink: …and literal LOL at your comments on soundcloud!

well so far I agree with Titus, it’s those chipmunks all the way! Did you like push the WTPA2 too the limit to make it sounds nasty and weird, or is this the normal way of operation of the unit. The question is, can you also do things that sound less nasty?

No limit pushing at all. That was basically one 2 second sample of the same patch on the shruthi-1, just granularized, recombined randomly and sped up/slowed down. It was a pretty easy sound to get as part of its normal operation. I haven’t had a chance to touch the WTPA2 since, but I’m sure one can get LESS nasty stuff out of it… still 8-bit so it will always be at least somewhat nasty.