Shruthi 1 with smr4 passes button/led function test but... [fixed]

… seems to produce a square wave from boot which doesn’t get past test point 2 in the audio chain.

It doesn’t appear possible to manually start/stop test tone with button 1 or trigger note with 2 presses to 4 or via midi.

Reluctant to fit the lcd if the digital board is an issue. Any ideas on a way forward?

For clarity - this is an sm4 mk i - both boards v0.7


At which frequency is the square wave? If it’s the PWM carrier at 39kHz, it’s normal that it gets filtered.

Keep in mind that you’re expected to see a PWM-modulated signal at point 1.

The best way to test is to connect a MIDI source on the MIDI in connector…

You got it. My diagnosis was incomplete. All looks good under a scope now. Great support and product as ever…

Lcd up and running. Thanks for the hand holding.