Shruthi-1 with IR3R05 filter chips? IR3109 Board mods?

hi, I am going to assemble shurti, and have a IR3R05 Chips (IR3R05 filter chip and includes: JX-8P, JX-10, Alpha Juno 1, Alpha Juno 2, MKS-50, MKS-70, MKS-80 rev 5)
this chips replace the old IR3109, in roland synths. (they are not equal)

some IR3R05 data:

somebody has assembled shurti with these filters?
it is possible to modify the IR3109 board to be able to use IR3R05 filters instead?

thanks greetings.
mike. (pardon by my English is not good)

This chip is not compatible with the IR3109, and apparently it is too different to allow a simple “hack” of the board.

I know that a IR3R05 chip has a VFC and a VCA, within.
but not as the control of the modulations works (lfo and ENV) and its possible implementation in the Shruthi-1 soft.