Shruthi-1 Volume CC#

Does the Shruthi-1 have a CC# for main Volume?

I’d presume 7; but can’t see it in the manual.

Yep, 7

Using MIDI CC is not the best option as theres no dedicated VCA for the Volume thus you will increase the Resolution of the Oscillators and have more dirt/aliasing/matsch.

A Mixer is the proper way to integrate your Shruthi into a Mix.

Or add the main output pot.

You say more dirt and aliasing like its a bad thing.

Indeed i wish i had the King of digital Grit, a Wave 2.3…
But its only nice if you have something clean to combine with, if everything is dirt - then everything is dirt.

Cool. Thank you all for the replies, most appreciated.

Hello guys,
I accidentaly changed the volume of the shruthi through CC via my master keyboard.
The thing is, from what you are saying Frank, I shouldn’t do this…
So do you know what is the initial value for this CC ? I’d like to be able to set it back to it.

And Frank can you be a little more specific on why it should not be done ? I don’t understand sorry…


Using CC# 7 means it is digitally scaling the waveform. It’s not attenuating the waveform using an analogue chip.

127 is the default value.

You can use the volume CC, but it is adding “steppiness” to the envelope.

A good idea with digital or va synth. without dedicated VCA is to put them alone on a bus in the DAW of your trust and do a Volume automation here. This is then done in the Audio Engine…

Thanks for your answers guys ! understood !