Shruthi-1 SVF Low Output Volume

Hi all,
I haven’t made an svf for a while, and I seem to have quite a low output volume.
I did a search and found nothing.

Anyone had this, and did you increase the gain of the output op-amp to compensate?


The Dual SVF (especially the Midnight Edition) is a bit quieter than the usual Shruthi Filter (which is really hot), this is to prevent clipping if you have high resonance on both filters.

Is that the new version or the old one?

I lowered the output volume on the new version because some combinations of filters are really “explosive” (for example, in parallel with resonance maxed out) and I needed a lot of headroom to allow them not to clip.

dual SVF boards v0.2 is the one I have.

ok makes sense, recommend use of mixer then :slight_smile:


Ah, thanks for the info - I was just wondering why the Midnight Edition sounds quieter than the 4PM and Yellow Magic.
Just finished it - what a joy to build and the filters sound awesome! (tuning took some time though)
I’m a bit lost at what to set the range pots at. I tuned the filters to 440Hz when set to cutoff 64. Might be a bit too high?

I failed miserably at soldering the Ghost-Eyes though… :frowning:
Man - couldn’t the SMD LED have been a tiny bit bigger? I don’t even know where they are now… (don’t ask. I really tried…)

But! I have thought of a solution and glued two (bigger white SMD LEDs behind the Ghost Eyes on the control board and connected them with wires. Looks nice too) Ha. :slight_smile: