Shruthi-1 (SSM board): unable to start the update mode


I’m trying to get my Shruthi-1 into firmware update mode.
Holding S6 while plugging in the power does not work … the device is starting normal.

Current firmware is v0.97, it’s a Shruthi-1 with SSM filter board, control board is v0.7

Any tips what I’m doing wrong?

Thanks, Mallard.

Who made it? Does the chip come from mutable instruments?

I bought it used two years ago. As far as I know, the seller told me, that it was assembled or bought at a mutable instruments workshop. It comes with the nice bag and the card with cutted out mi symbol. I attached a photo - it’s the yellow one :slight_smile:

Those bolts aren’t part of the standard kit anyway.

Missing bootloader perhaps?

Most likely there is no bootloader flashed on the microcontroller (ATmega). Then you can not update your shruthi via MIDI. You need an USB to ISP programmer to program the bootloader.

Looks like the builder forgot to flash the bootloader on the chip. You need to get a replacement atmega644p from tuebohm or laurentide synthworks.

Ok, thank you all.
I’ll get in touch with André from tubeohm.