Shruthi-1 SMR-4 v0.7 + Sidekick

Good Morning everybody,

I just finished building these two boards together.
I have a problem with the first 3 pots on
sidekick (Filter cutoff/AR envelope 1 filter
/LFO1 filter). They don’t seem to do anything.
I reapplied solder and checked all near by parts but nothing…
The resonance and everything else seems to work.

Thank You,

Set the LFO / AR envelope pots to 0.

What is the voltage at:

  • IC6 pin 1.
  • IC3 pin 1.

When the cutoff pot is set to 0V and to 5V.

IC6 - 10.5 in both cases
IC3 - .70 in both cases too.

Thank you,

oh wait, that’s in the shruthi,
in Sidekick at 0 and 5:

IC3 - 6.95 - 7.40
IC6 - 0.02 - 0.50

Have you followed the voltage test procedure on the SMR4 board? It looks like the Sidekick board is receiving more than +5V on the +5V pin…

yes, J7 gave 5, -5 (4.9, -5.09) as did the other points in circuit, did i fry the voltage regulator maybe?

Check again that you get +5V on the sidekick board.