Shruthi-1 Shuffle Feels Less Funky in Firmware 1.02

I’m assuming this is because the internal clock was rewritten? Any chance of this getting funkier again?

The resolution has been doubled.

For example, if with v0.97 you liked the sound of swing = 14, on the new version you have to set swing = 28.

Did you often used swing values above 63 with v0.97?

Unfortunately, I did. 70-80 was the sweet spot for me.

@pichenettes: If it’s possible to do some math stuff and fix this in the firmware, I’ll definitely take the plunge and try to figure it out myself!

Remove the right shift 1 here:

Sweet! Thanks, sire! Wish me luck!

OK, I’ve got things compiling thanks to the wiki tute and forum (got some updates to make to the wiki).

I’m not a coder, so forgive my ignorance… “removing the right shift” means I should delete >>1 ?



Thanks, @pichenettes! I jusy fell in love with the Shruthi-1 all over again!